And so it begins…

Welcome to my blog! I’m just getting started, but have no fear. My little list loving heart already has a few topics hidden up its sleeve.  For starters, I will be posting book reviews and I’ll be starting a series called Ten Things on the Tenth, which will consist of a grouping of ten facts you might not know about whatever topic has presented itself during my research. As you can imagine, as a science fiction writer, a lot of my writing time is actually research time. If you can’t write what you know, write what you can thoroughly research! And sometimes I get sidetracked from my pertinent research because I’m a nerd and love to learn. I’ll share a few snippets from my findings with you along the way.

I will also provide pertinent updates to my own writing career, links to valuable resources from other authors, and probably a few photos from my neck of the woods. Like this very telling gem:

Your GPS is Wrong

Because where I’m from, even Google and Siri get lost. Yes, this is an actual street sign. It’s about a mile from my house.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope I haven’t scared you off just yet. My particular brand of crazy isn’t dangerous, but it might be contagious. Subscribe at your own risk.

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